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its been a whileeee :]

Posted on 2008.03.23 at 17:59
hiehieeeee :] its been a heckaaa long while since i last posted :] but its been insanely busy (its junior year wat else did i expect) and i've been like on the verge of falling out of my fandoms but thank goodness i have some spare time here and there to catch up and remmeber how much i love the boys :D

ok so....iun even know how many dbsk fangirls i have on my flist but.....

would anyone be interested in buying shirts like the boys have on here? i saw them and was like omgod cuteeee :] and wanted them....and realized i have no money and method of getting them....so imma make them :D

i'm planning to have this logo in purple on a black t-shirt just like they're wearing. simple. but cyutee :D so....$10 and then add on shipping? how does that sound to you guys? let me knoww wat u guys think :]]

btw......for those who havnt seen the love in the ice performance from way back when (like late 07) GORGEOUSSSSS. im in love with it...literalyy :D and xiah's rainy night......is freaking AMAZING. ok back to hw t.t



Posted on 2008.02.07 at 18:40
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let's catch up on my fandoms :D still just as obsessed with news and kat-tun. still love my fahrenheit boys. but now.....*drumroll pleaseee* DBSK!!!!! good LORD....can i just say...these boys are freaking damn hot :D i have no idea how im pulling the grades that i am when im so deep into these fandoms and wasting away my hours on these pretty boys. NOT THAT IM COMPLAINING :DDDD i love these boys and i hate school. but school's just something that i gotta put up with t.t hopefully i'll be able to keep my grades up there next semester as well.....

ok now MASSIVE CAPSPAM POST!!!! theres about...115 images (no joke). yes they're veryyy dbsk centered BUT there's plenty of flh in there (from their new mv) and a couple young pi and ryo caps :D i'll do a proper JE BOYS CAPSPAM one of these days..... :D

PI+RYOness :]Collapse )

tad bit of flhness :]Collapse )

a craploaddddd of dbskness :]Collapse )

etcetc stuffCollapse )

HAPPY CHINIESE NEW YEAR btw :]] gong xi fa zai :D hong bao na lai :D teheeee have a great one everyone :]]


bound to be THE longest entry :D

Posted on 2008.01.04 at 20:29
Current Music: Fahrenheit- Two Sided Fahrenheit
first entry of the new year...and i bet anything this is gonna be THE longest entry of my LJ career :]] wow...its 2008. is it just me or does that seem pretty darn insane? anywaysss screw the RL cuz pretty boys HERE I COME :DDDD

sooo i started and finished jotei (thanks to aznangelchick) and im ALMOST done with attention please (thanks to nixyneeners10) :]] and cuz well ryo's just too damn hot and sexy in attention please its AMAZINGGGGGG. i couldn't stop screencapping so i thought........well i should just PICSPAM ryo like MAD :]] so the following is VERY VERY VERY VERY IMAGE HEAVY and DEFINITELY not safe for dialup users :] ready for some pure smexiness? :]]

warning: may contain SOMEE spoilers (i tried my best to not screencap anything with subs but some parts are just that much better with the subs :]]) and the caps wont be in any order watsoever cuz my vlc messed up the order of my caps for some reason o.o
veryy very hazardous to your internet and your health :]]Collapse )

and cuz this is one of the, if not THE, sexiest ryo performance on the planet of earth :]] and i promised nixyneeners10      that i'd upload it for her :] and well this is thanks for her fangirling like MAD with me while i was watching attention please :D :D [DL!!!!!]

ryo.....that boy. i never disliked him but iun think i've ever like LOVEDDDD him as much as i do. i've had my share of ryo phases but i swear attention please literally just got me OBSESSEDDDD. i think ryo and pi are like....tied....amazing :] this boy's smile freaking KILLSSSSS. and omgoodness when he's mad.......*DIESSSS*  and when he's in his uniform OMKYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA no one can pull off a onepiece jumpsuit like this guy :D and his look when he's like confused or the "hm?" look OMKYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. DAMN SEXY :]] and his voice....omGOODNESSSSSSS. i swear this boy's voice stands out just like kame's and omgoodnesss *dies* sexy osaka man is damnggg right about himself :]]

so that obviously wasnt an attention please pic spam.....that was as ryo biased as it can get huh? :D as much as i would've loved to comment each pic.....i think i would've sat here on my butt for at least like 3 hours adding my stupid comments to each cap :]] oo yea the random baby pic in there was just cuz i thought that was one of the cutest babies on the planet of earth :D gomen for the absolute randomness :]] oo and gomenn for the complete lack of caps of the main actress, ueto aya. its not that i dont like her or anything (i think she's soooooo pretty and veryy cute) i just......got too caught up in capping ryo :D

now for some random pi and jin (yukan club) caps that i found laying around :]
gorgeous pi and jin :]Collapse )

and as for fahrenheit news :]] THEIR ALBUM THEIR ALBUM THEIR ALBUM.
FAHRENHEIT i love you so :DCollapse )

im poooooooooooped out from this entry. oo well hope everyone loved the spamming as much as i love staring at it :]] oo yea here's a [zip file] of all the pics up there. just in case :D i'd love to hear what all of you guys have to say about ryo, attention please, jotei, pi, jin, yukan club, flh, the new album........aka everything so feel free to spam :]]

aaron and jiro :]

a bunch of fahrenheit things for sell :]

Posted on 2007.12.09 at 19:08
alrightyyy so i kind of sort of overbought on flh goodiess -_-" so here's a bunch of pics and also the album up for sale :]]

bunch of goodies :]Collapse )



Posted on 2007.11.20 at 20:45
Current Music: Fahrenheit- Xiao Xiao de Ren Wu
hieee everyone. ok so the MINUTE i saw flh's new mv......i HAD to rip it. ITS SUCH A HAPPY SONG!!! and they all look SOOOOOOO ADORABLE in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and the youtube link for THEIR ADORABLENESS!!!

please do drop a comment if ur taking :]



Posted on 2007.11.06 at 23:11
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Current Music: Keep the Faith- Kat-tun
im exhausted. mentally and physically. but since when has that ever stopped me from fangirling? :D

so keep the faith pv came out. it wasnt....perfect...nor was it brilliant. but i love the song beyond belief and i love the boys beyond belief. and DANG did koki look hot with all those backflips and breakdancing IN THE RAIN *diessss*. anywayss :] i made the keep the faith ringtone. tehee every time the phone rings, im sure u guys all just wanta hear keep the faith :D :D :D



do enjoy :] and comments are always nice. feel free to share the link just credit.


kekekeeee much prettiness for you guys :]

Posted on 2007.10.21 at 22:29
okidokissss. so i have two three four now two left (l0l sorry for all the crossouts :]) copies of the november myojo to sell. with LOVELY NEWS on the cover and sexy kattun inside :]] enough said :]] ok so here goes

*it is BRAND NEW. literally it came from the store to my hands and then will be shipped to you.
*it will be $15 without shipping
*serious buyers only please.
*i have no problem with asking questions....but only ask if ur really serious about it :]
*concealed cash only- i will not be responsible for any money lost among the mess that is called the us postal service :]
*only shipped within the US
*first come first serve. basically whoever comments first with a "I WANT IT" gets it. simple enough :]
*please comment with this format
          1: name (lj name is fine)
          2: city, state
          3: email address.

scan credit to vendy cuz im too lazy to take a pic and upload it :]] l0l u guys know me....im lazy :D and yes this is the issue with pi....sitting on the floor.....surrounded by clothes.....and heaven knows that he's not wearing much either :]]]]]]]]]]


birthday wishes! :D

Posted on 2007.09.30 at 13:38
a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO yamaperfection AND ryopilover.

i really have to thank you 2 for fueling my JE obsession :]] and leelee for probably giving me to first contact to FLH :] both of you deserve the bestest of birthdays for all the amazing things u guys contribute to the JE fandom :D BEST OF WISHES!!!

other than that...i have SATs in a week. and a test every single day of the week next week. my goodness gracious. if i live through this next week......i will spoil myself with JE and FLH fangirling :D

i really wanta cap spam.....but im so lazy and i really should be finishing up homework SO I CAN WATCH EP37 AND EP38 OF XFAMILY AND EP3 OF ROMANTIC PRINCESS :D oo and leelee if u see this......guys in white are smoking hot =]] especially white suits *winkwink* :]


quick entry i swear :]]

Posted on 2007.09.16 at 23:10




vote for aaron please and thank you =]]

Posted on 2007.09.13 at 23:25
tehee.... if everyone has a couple extra minutes. please please please do me a tad little bit of a favor =]]

aaron's been nominated on pretty_boy_love for pretty boy of fall 2007. now if everyone could drop by the community and leave a comment voting for aaron......or any other pretty boy u might want....PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! i mean....dont u all think aaron deserves the 07 fall pretty boy after everything he's been through this year t.t.....2 friends' deaths, trying to recover from the first surgery, yet ANOTHER surgery, that absolutely retarded rumor about him, and just so much. it'll only take a few minutes max so pleaseee do drop by the community. join first and then vote here. oo and voting will end tuesday night.

thanks everyone! =]]

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